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One Last Word with Ryder Livingston

drama feature

A popular talk-show host longs for a normal life with true human connection, but one major obstacle stands in his way--he sounds different to everyone, like their deceased loved ones.

**in progress

Oversized Panic Room

spec of the Amazon Prime original series The Boys

After Victoria and Butcher trigger a lockdown at Vought Tower by causing a city-wide blackout, the Boys must scramble to protect themselves and their loved ones when rogue B-level supes use the disorder at Vought as an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

**in progress

Swimming Upstream

hour-long comedy/drama pilot

16-year-old New York City native River disrupts his uncles' adoption process when he shows up unannounced in small town Vermont after his mom ditches him for a poorly planned white savior-style mission in South America.

Not a Joke

spec of the FXX half-hour comedy series DAVE

While preparing mentally and physically for his music video launch party later that night, Dave inadvertently causes problems for Mike and GaTa.

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