Swimming Upstream

hour-long drama pilot

16-year-old New York City native River crashes with his uncle and his partner in small town Vermont after his mom ditches him for a poorly planned white savior-style mission in South America.

Free Fall

half-hour comedy/drama pilot

In this post-grad coming-of-age story, recent college graduate Harper struggles to find a job, questions her interest in law school, and sabotages a budding romantic relationship with her sweet coworker because of lingering trauma from her father's death and her own recent near-death experience.

Not a Joke

spec script of the FXX half-hour comedy series DAVE

While preparing mentally and physically for his music video launch party later that night, Dave inadvertently causes problems for Mike and GaTa.

The Goldfinch

11 episode limited series adaptation of Donna Tartt's novel of the same name

The Goldfinch follows the story of Theodore Decker as he attempts to navigate life, relationships, and addiction after losing his mother in a domestic terrorist attack at The Met.